Startup Rovolt Entertainment Looks To Up Revenues in the Graphic Novel Segment

The graphic novel space certainly isn’t huge in the country but start-ups like Rovolt Entertainment are looking to turn this on its head. While the fact remains that visual/online content is going up and the readership base is gradually reducing Rovolt is looking to explore other avenues – like franchising, selling TV rights and distribution of content internationally – to generate revenue via graphic novels.

The thing that sets Rovolt apart from other similar companies is that it is involved neck-deep in the pre-production phase of graphic novels – a trend that is until now restricted to the developed markets of US and UK. Manish Sinha, the CEO of Rovolt Entertainment says his company is ‘a design studio, not just a graphic novel company’ and they aim to create local, high quality content that people in the country can identify with. Rovolt consists of seven professionals (+ the CEO) who are engaged in various stages of production.

The company recently launched a fantasy genre graphic novel called The Legends of Aveon9. The company has already spent $100,000 on Aveon9 and plans to spend $100,000 more. Of the 10,000 initial copies printed, a cool 5000 have already been sold in tier-1 cities and the company expects the international release (in US, UK, and Brazil) to push sales to 30,000-40,000 copies. The book is available in major bookstores and also on websites.

The Legends of Aveon9 has been developed such that it can be adopted to a TV series or a game thus allowing for possible multiple revenue options.

This start-up is a fresh break from all the e-commerce start-ups that are cropping up in the country every day. I think this venture is different in its offering and is looking to tap into a market that is yet to be explored in our country. The key thing here is how they’ll be able to generate revenues and how soon they will get offers for TV/game adaptation.

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    I just wanted to say thank you for your article on Rovolt. We have the pleasure of working with them on another title Tiggou, currently in pre-production and we are very excited about the fresh, new approach Manish, Ash and the Rovolt team are bringing to the comic, and entertainment industry as a whole.

    In a time when most studios are still on the “mipcom pitched series” bandwagon, Rovolt is taking risks and thinking outside the DVD box so to say, with interactive graphic novels.

    Thank you again for recognizing this young trailblazing graphic DESIGN studio.

    Anthony Reece / VoiceTOONS USA

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