Launches Marketing Cloud; Will Help Companies Monitor Social Media Chatter

Online collaboration tools and Software as a Service (SaaS) provider Salesforce has come up with a solution that allows business keep a close watch on social media chatter.

Titled Marketing Cloud, the new software unveiled this week allows image-conscious & proactive companies to monitor Facebook & Twitter chatter & calculate the ‘impact’ of posts featuring them or relevant industry. In simpler words, the software can crawl through the social media websites & seek out how the posts, that mention these companies, do & how far the effects of theses posts go. CEO and founder Marc Benioff correctly summarized the tool, “Are you and your company going through a social revolution? We see your customers and your employees and your partners are all connected

As social media networks continue to enhance their importance in business and industrial environments, it has become vital for companies to keep a tab on their impressions being developed there. While a positive comment or post will have to be meticulously promoted, a negative, false or derogatory post / comment will have to be carefully snubbed out or tackled with grace & precision. In order to do this, first the companies will require a dependable system that can highlight such mentions.

A while ago similar tool called Champion was launched by ABIBA Systems. This goes on to show how eager companies are to maintain their reputation online. Salesforce, on the other hand is gearing to face tough competition from its rivals & such innovative offerings will help it justify the huge investments. However, Salesforce is in fact doing quite well, especially in India. With regular acquisitions the company has successfully grown inorganically.

While social media sites offer great recruitment opportunities, they were always used for brand building exercise.  Marketing Cloud is another tool in their arsenal. How do you think should companies use it?

Image Courtesy | pcmag

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