HDFC Life To Focus On The Power & Independence Of Women In New Campaign

HDFC had a successful campaign run with their ‘Sar Utha Ke Jiyo’ advertisement. This particular tagline has struck a chord with the audience and with a view to keep the momentum going HDFC Life is all set to fine-tune their advertising efforts.

HDFC Life plans to launch a unique experiential campaign that focuses on women and is titled ‘Model of Happiness’. The focus of this campaign is to showcase women as financially independent and secure and the source of happiness + inspiration to their families and friends. The campaign will run in 6 malls and 12 corporate parks in the four cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi. In each of these spaces HDFC Life will set up 12ft X 12 ft booths which will represent a ‘movie set’ what with the presence of a director’s chair, lights etc. Women will then be encouraged to share their personal experiences and views about financial independence and security.

The company will upload these on their micro-site and social media pages. Participating women will be encouraged to share these videos on their personal social media profiles too. The best videos will be chosen to run in OOH screens and cinemas across the country to tap into a larger audience.

While the initiative is applause-worthy it is particularly well-timed too. Most companies across markets are looking to feature and focus on women so as to push their growth and further penetrate the market. This trend is particularly seen in the e-commerce space with a series of ads and sites being created to target women alone.


Image Courtesy | banking.contify

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