Komli Media Organizes A Hackathon For Its Engineers

The role of hackathons in Tech is critical. The idea of everyone concentrating their complete efforts on hacking software (improve and fixing things BTW) in a limited amount of time is liberating and gives rise to some very good new apps and improvements in the current services. Facebook has known to do some very successful hackathons. The culture is picking up in India too. The Microsoft App Fest for Windows 8 will begin tomorrow. Komli Media is another company that held a hackathon recently.

The event was held on 13th September and was followed by a day long coding session which last overnight and got done by 14th September. The hackathon was conducted across all 3 offices of Komli with engineers participating in the event.

The hackathon has given rise to the creation of improved software like Mobile video ads, real-time analytics and  campaign analysis. The hackathon saw some 20 new developments which will be integrated into Komli’s technology. Komli says that they are a very technology driven company and that they support all kinds of innovative practises in tech.

Jaisimha Muthegere, Vice President of Engineering at Komli Media said that the results of the hackathon were positive.

“Our engineers are the backbone of our success and we intended to have thrilling atmosphere to let out the best of our techies and this Hackathon has certainly managed to help us garner that. We look forward to conducting many such Hackathons in the coming years.”

Hackathons or Code Fests or Code Sprints are very useful for innovation and every company that deals in Tech should organize them and let their engineers and developers go wild, because there is every chance that the stuff developed in these short sprints will be very valuable to the company in the long term.

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