Social Network Analysis Tool Champion Will Help Telcos To Understand Their Customers Better

Trying to make sense of the social media chatter, ABIBA Systems, a business intelligence and analytics software provider has introduced a new Social Network Analysis (SNA) tool. Titled Champion, this SNA is geared specifically towards telecom companies who wish to have a better understand about consumer behavior & their patterns.


This mobile centric SNA will offer insights into the subscribers’ interaction on the social media. Further the tool also holds potential to accumulate & study vast amounts of data about group or subscriber communities on various social media sites & draw tactical inferences. In simpler words, telecom companies will now be able to study & pinpoint the influential people at various levels of the community & then use the knowledge to tailor marketing campaigns.

Telecom companies had been witnessing a heavy churn in their subscriber base. While some of the attrition can be attributed to their own strategies, there are many un-revealed causes of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Champion could be leveraged to predict this churn by observing the flow of conversation. Additionally, if companies can better listen to the comments of its present customers, they can successfully design tariffs & other offers that entice others to join the network.

Additionally, telecom companies must realize that each customer should consume more of its services to actually add to the revenue. Hence up-selling & cross-selling of services is a must. If Champion can correctly seek out desires & wishes of the customers, telecom companies can enhance their outbound call centers with offers that the potential subscriber will be hard-pressed to refuse.

While India’s mobile subscriber base has witnessed some great milestones, companies are still struggling to make ends meet. Under such circumstances it is important to them to have a better understanding about their flock so as to take better care of them & urge them to add to the bottom-line.

Do you think telecom companies listen to customer expectations?

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