Hiccup In Twitter Verified Accounts As Profile Pictures Get Swapped

Everyone’s favorite micro-blogging service Twitter, which has hundreds of millions of users around the world, has been said to grow wildly popular for a variety of reasons. It is short and to the point, it can be accessed from everywhere, and is a good One-to-Many method of reaching out to people. However, many agree that one factor has contributed the most to Twitter’s popularity and that is Celebrity Endorsement. Most, if not all celebrities have a presence on Twitter and are active on it. Twitter has a system known as ‘Twitter Verified‘ that assures users that the account is in fact real. This system has experienced some glitches in the past few days.

As TechCrunch confirmed, Twitter Verified accounts were randomly seeing their Profile Pictures exchanged with those of random Twitter users. Twitter seems to ve aware of this, with a representative posting,”We’re investigating an issue with background images and profile photos on @verified accounts. We’ll get this resolved ASAP. We have temporarily disabled profile settings changes for all users. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you for bearing with us.”

Along with the swapped avatars, a lot of Twitter Verified accounts that were affected by this bug, also seemed to have lost their Verified status. This however did not affect all handles, as the Times of India handle just had the swapped avatar, with the Verified status still being intact.

How does this affect you as a regular Twitter user?

Well, first of all, it reiterates that Twitter still is an infallible service that is prone to downtime, glitches and mixups. Twitter needs to pull up their socks and reduce the frequency of downtime and such errors in the future.

 Image Courtesy | whatisfailwhale.info

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