Indian Brands Doing Better Than Global Brands On Facebook User Engagement According to Ketchum Samparks Study

There is some good news for Indian brands on the social media space according to a study done by Ketchum Sampark on social media engagement. The study states that Indian brands are doing better at user engagement compared to the global ones. This result was discovered when the company compared the Top 100 brands in India with the Top 100 global brands on Social media between January to August 2012.

The top 100 Indian brands grew their fanbase cumulatively at a rate of 105%! The engagement rates were however a little disparate. Around 26 of these Indian brands had an engagement rate which was higher than 5% in August 2012. The engagement levels for 41 other Indian brands were lower than 2% of their fanbase. To put this into perspective, Coca Cola, the largest brand on social media has an engagement level of over 2%. The Indian brands that were surveyed covered the diverse set of industries and segments such as apparel/retail,automobiles, banks and financial services, education, food and beverages, health and beauty, jewelry and watches, technology products, telecom, and travel and tourism. These are some very strong sectors and see the maximum engagement The engagement level is compared by doing a ratio of the number of fans as opposed to people talking about the brand. This ratio is then compared with other brands in both the global and Indian space to find out the penetration and engagement levels. The study says that Tata Docomo enjoys better engagement levels than Coca Cola. Infact, the engagement levels of Indian brands seem to be higher than global brands in 8 of the 10 specified categories.

ICICI Bank is the fifth largest banking and financial community on Facebook globally with around 7,82,654 fans. Fastrack also leads globally in terms of fashion accessories with 4.3 million fans. In telecom, Tata Docomo is the highest with 8.73 million users. Surprisingly, Airtel is at 1.39 million fans even though it is the market leader. Indian Beauty brands have the highest average engagement rates across all categories i.e 8.11%. Shoppers Stop and Lifestyle International have added 1.62 million and 1.76 million fans respectively. The reason for this increase in engagement can be simply explained by the fact that most Indians have started getting onto social media due to the increase in the usage of mobile Internet and mobile apps. This has resulted in better engagement rating for brands.

Ajay Sampark of Ketchum Sampark feels the same way.

“Internet penetration as well as social media usage from outside the 20 Indian cities is now estimated at more than 60 per cent of overall usage in India. That coupled with growing use of Internet over mobile devices offers a significant avenue for brands to connect with customers not just in Tier 1 markets, but also in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets using the power of social media. Ability to drive engagement will then become the most relevant part of any campaign”.

Social is getting big in India and will slowly surpass other forms of marketing and advertising as social media as a concept evolves over time. This is a good time for any brand in the country to embrace social media and connect with their consumers and build brand loyalty.

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Story Source  | Campaign India

Image Source | Business Marketing Mastery & Tata Docomo


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  1. September 17, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

    That’s good news for Indian brands. From past few days, it has been observed that many markets are going active on Facebook, and this one of the reason why Facebook got No.1 Alexa rank, where Google slipped at No.2.

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