Inmobi Rebrands Sprout Media Platform To Inmobi Studio

Mobile advertising has evolved overnight if we consider a broad enough timeline. Mobile ads have incited efficient branding, established companies as people’s products and have boosted revenues of the enterprises that provide a platform for mobile ads. InMobi, founded in 2007 in the Asia-Pacific region has grown to become the largest independent mobile ad network and a global leader in the mobile technology space. Its global network has grown from 7.5 Billion to 93.4Billion impressions monthly. Revenues started pouring in and in just 5 years it has established presence in Bangalore, Johannesburg, London, Nairobi, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

The company acquired many small enterprises and built its arsenal for effective mobile propagation and outreach. It acquired the rich HTML5 mobile media ad provider Sprout in 2011. Sprout technology solves the complexity of mobile rich media planning, creation, distribution, and measurement for brands and agencies globally. Sprout had simplified the HTML5 rich media handling and the acquisition was aimed at providing the consumers with an easy and engaging experience and enable the mobile ecosystem with best of breed technology and services.

InMobi recently renamed and rebranded the Sprout division to InMobi Studio. Since the acquisition uptill the rebranding, Hearst Digital Media, MediaCom EMEA, The Gary Group, and MocoSpace had already adopted the InMobi Studio platform. With the growth of mobile and tablet devices and numerous platforms and the tendency of the customer to stay mobile has made it imperative for businesses to have a decent presence on every other handset. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google battle it out for market share in this segment.

 Rebranding illustrates the need for cashing in on the rich market opportunity. Carnet Williams, VP of Brand Solutions at InMobi, said, “The growth of InMobi Studio is not only exciting but indicative of the huge market opportunity.  Its simplicity and power allow brands and marketers to focus on creating engaging and high-touch brand experiences quickly, without compromising on quality.”  For a company as young as InMobi and having a success story like such, it makes sense for it to project the image of all the verticals involved as a whole. This will create InMobi as a brand and maintain recognition among clients. There will be some operational hindrances that eventually will be overcome but for now this looks like a great move.

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