India Takes The Lead Against China In Internet User Additions

India is supposed to have the fastest growing Internet market among the BRIC nations according to a report by Industry body ASSOCHAM and research firm Comscore. They released a collaborative report which suggests that India is growing very fast, having added some 18 million Internet users during the last year. That is certainly a very increase and India ranks ahead of other BRIC nations Brazil, Russia and China.


There seems to be a sort of boom in the Internet demographics with 75% of the Indian Internet users being in the age group of 15-34.  The report says that the annual rate of growth in terms users is at 41% annually and could reach 124 million users next July.

The report also points out that the time spent by Indians on the Internet has increased by 33% over the period of one year. The total minutes spent by all Indian Internet users have amounted to 48 billion minutes! People are surfing and accessing 70 billion pages a month these days as opposed to 54.6 billion pages in July 2011.  The top five categories in terms of Internet surfing are e-commerce, social networks, search, entertainment and news.

China, Russia and Brazil are lagging behind with 14 million, 10 million and 3.1 million user additions respectively. The Internet is China is very closely guarded by the Chinese Government and this has given rise to a completely different ecosystem in the country. Brazil and Russia don’t have any limitations on the Internet.  The reason for such increase in Indian stats may be due to the people embracing social networking and e-commerce, especially those from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well. Mobile internet usage has made getting onto the Internet at anytime in the day a possibility. It is affordable too! This has attracted more people to the Internet. The growth is going to be consistent as there are still many more left in the country who have to still experience the Internet.

Top Image Source | Project Smile India

Bottom Image & Story Source | Hindu Businessline 

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