JobBuzz Says “Information Is Power”; Launches New Awareness Campaign

Done with college? So what is the next step? Most of the people who this question applies to, reply with a one word answer “Job”. While almost everyone acts on the idea, there are very few who have complete and accurate knowledge about their prospective employers. Straightforward observation will demonstrate that most of the job seeking population from 18 to 32 years acts to choose a career on skewed information, or limited information. Many are unsure about their career choices and the exact segment of the market where they want to chalk out their career. Limited number of people research about job roles and other statistics about employers before walking in for an interview. Adding to the existing complication of a plethora of options and the dawdling with application and rejection is the fact that there is no centralized source of information … until now!

Times Jobs had released an online website, JobBuzz that is pivotal to an impending paradigm shift of the aforementioned problems. JobBuzz is an employee to employee community which helps jobseekers makes the most intelligent career decisions.

Employees post information about industries, companies and specific jobs that exist in the market. The extent of specification goes from the requirement of the one who is hiring to what exactly will the job require the employee to do. The website even helps the job seeking personnel with interview questions.  The brand promise of JobBuzz in its launch ad campaign is, “With JobBuzz you will know more about the things that matter the most. Get in-depth information on your industry, check out company reviews, Salary Structure, Interview Questions, Company Rankings and much more to plan a successful career.”

The ad campaign that JobBuzz has come out with really makes sense for those who closely pay attention. It Uses memorable mnemonics of the youth’s interest such as Cars, Cinema, Cash, Cricket and Cellphones – this 6 part print campaign features short, sharp shocks, to bring home the point that it is common sense to use JobBuzz and make informed career decisions.

 “There are many parameters around which career options are evaluated such as work life balance, learning & development, top leadership of the company etc., however, most of the people end up making decisions based on very short term view- for instance, just taking compensation into account. Therefore, we wish to sensitize people to take a holistic cognizance of these factors to ensure a successful & satisfying career.” explains  Vikas Verma, Marketing Head,  JobBuzz also claims to be a hard hitting clarion call for young professionals between 18-32 years.

Image Courtesy | JobBuzz

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