GTI Capital Pumps Rs. 2.8 Cr In WebEngage. Online QC Tests To Get Better

GTI Capital, a Venture Capital firm has invested Rs. 2.8 Crores (US$ 0.5 Million) in online feedback company WebEngage.

Founded in 2010 by Mumbai-based Webklipper Technologies, WebEngage offers ‘Customer Engagement Tools’ for E-commerce companies. That is, the company is responsible for developing, creating & implementing online surveys especially for online web businesses. These feedback tools can later be analyzed by the online stores to judge customer satisfaction.

E-commerce portals are growing at an astonishing rate. Furthermore, even the people are supporting it wholeheartedly. However, under such a highly competitive scenario it becomes crucial to keep a close eye on the buyer behavior & their spending patterns. Additionally, the sites continually have to evolve to better serve the visitors. If the website can instantly convert a casual one-time shopper to a life-long repeat customer, the operating costs come down. Some companies are spending huge amount of money in order to secure customers. In this case, if buyers do not return, the investment goes waste & the web-store may even have to down its virtual shutters if the costs get too much to handle.

Companies like WebEngage attempt to find the reasons why the customer chose to stop & shop at the particular site. If the portal can enhance the experience through the gathered feedback, it can easily increase its user-base. Gone are the days when merely taking the order & delivering it was enough to make a customer happy. Finding out what makes a customer click the ‘Buy’ button will help the web-companies to increase the frequency.

GTI Capital seems to have carefully chosen this company as it had set out with a clear focus to put their money in sectors like auto components (Sandhar Technologies), food & beverages (Brattle Foods) and e-commerce enabler.

Do you feel these web companies listen to your views when carrying out revamps of their sites? Share your opinions with us.

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