Google’s Handwrite Feature for iOS and Android phones Is Pretty Handy And So Is The Scientific Calculator

There is good news for users of iOS 5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets. Google has introduced a new feature called ‘Handwrite’ for each of the devices and tablets mentioned above. The sole purpose of this feature is to make typing easy as it allows you to type your search with your finger.

“Unlike searching on a desktop or laptop computer, when you’re searching on a touchscreen mobile device, it’s often inconvenient to type if you are standing on a busy street corner or in a bumpy taxi ride. Now there’s a new way for you to interact with Google,” writes Google’s software engineer Rui Ueyama in a company blog post.

To use handwrite, users have to visit the Google page on their mobile/tablet browsers. Then they have to click on the settings tab located at the bottom of the screen. Once the settings page opens, the user simply has to ‘enable’ the handwrite feature and voila! he can search by typing with his finger.

Enabling Handwrite

After enabling the feature, the user can click on the handwrite option that will now appear on the bottom-right of the screen and type away anywhere on the screen. Like it happens with the Google page on laptop browsers, once you begin to type in a search, Google will begin to display autocomplete options.

Handwriting Captured

Recognition and Auto-complete

In case users wish to use the keyboard, they needn’t worry as doing so would be possible by tapping on the search box. The purpose of handwrite is not to replace the keyboard but to support it.

This feature sure promises to add a lot to the search experience and is sure to be well accepted by the users.

Scientific Calculator On Desktop Web and Mobile:

If you type a simple mathematical operation in the Google search box on your laptop browser, be sure of not only getting the answer but being introduced to the Google Scientific Calculator.

Scientific Calculator in Google Search

This calculator allows you to complete simple mathematical operations like addition/subtraction as well complex trigonometry functions. The calculator also has dedicated buttons for Pi and Euler’s number.

Scientific Calculator On Mobile

This feature is also available for mobile devices, thus making the use of in-built mobile calculators rather unnecessary. The user can also use Google’s voice search to get calculations done without the use of the keyboard.

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