Facebook’s Mobile Interface For Photos To Be Added To Its Web Equivalent

A while ago Facebook had revamped its Photo viewing feature for its mobile platform. It has been learnt that the social networking company will adopt the same for its web-interface too.

Facebook had been tinkering with some ideas about improving the ‘visual experience’ of its users. Accordingly, it had earlier introduced High Definition & full screen Photo viewing capability.

Facebook typically gives a ‘Preview’ of the album which contains multiple photos. While earlier the photos were arranged in a parallel manner, the revised projection will enable the ‘album cover photo’ to be displayed in a box twice as big as its earlier iteration. The other ‘photo previews’ will come at the bottom of the photo. This feature will also enable more number of photos to be displayed in the news feed. Additionally, Facebook has ensured that the text & comments too get a large display space for easier reading.

Source: Techcrunch

Even though Facebook had bought photo-sharing app Instagram for a high sum of 1 Billion Dollars, it will be quite a long time before it can openly integrate the company into its offering. However, this has not prevented it from taking a lot of cues from its huge acquisition. As more & more people shift their usage pattern to the mobiles & portable tablets, the visual aspect of Social Networking will surely gain precedence than reading texts. Facebook seems to have realized this & all of its recent efforts reveal the focus to offer more to watch.

However, like many good things, this feature too will be rolled out gradually. Let us know your experience.

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