How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For B2B Leads?

If you are working in a business to business setting and aren’t using Linkedin effectively, you are missing a huge opportunity. Optimizing your Linkedin profile is the first step towards LinkedIn success, and we will see how to do that.

Why should you care about your LinkedIn profile?

  1. LinkedIn has emerged as the goto place where people look for B2B buying and B2B sales.
  2. Traffic from LinkedIn converts almost three times better than FB and Twitter. (Because these vistors are coming with a buy mentality, unlike people on Twitter/FB who come with a browse mentality.)
  3. There are 161 million professionals worldwide on Linkedin. Most of them are looking to hire, to get hired or to carry out business activities, unlike FB or Twitter.

I am sold. How can I improve my Linkedin profile for getting more leads?

Most people who use LinkedIn for sourcing use LinkedIn search. As you optimize your websites for SEO, similarly you need to optimize your profile for Linkedin search. Like SEO, your profile needs to be optimized for two things, placement and conversion.

Placement: When somebody searches for your industry keywords, you want to show up as close to the top as possible.
Conversion: When someone sees your profile as a result on the search page, you want them to click through to your profile. When they are on your profile page, you want to enable them to take an action, such as to buy from you or contact you.

Optimizing your profile for placement

Linkedin search is still not as advanced as web based search engines. Most of the time having keywords for your industry in your profile is what matters.

Select places in your LinkedIn profile  should have your keywords. They are:

  1. Headline
  2. Description
  3. Skills and expertise
  4. (If you have written a book or a whitepaper) Publications

Of course, don’t go overboard, it kills conversions! Nobody is looking to do business with “Mr. Keyword Keyword, who studied at Keyword, Keyword”.

For example, I am looking to connect to people who are searching for “Django” or “Android“, my profile is optimized for that.

At this moment, LinkedIn doesn’t seem to be using recommendations or the quality of the connection graph in deciding the placement. However, as Linkedin search matures, it is expected to play a important role, so getting connected and getting recommendations from people in your industry is crucial here on.

Optimizing your profile for click through from search

Once your profile shows up in Linkedin search, you want to get the searcher to come to your profile. Linkedin shows these on the search page.

  1. Your profile picture
  2. Your name
  3. Your headline

For your profile picture, use a headshot in a business clothing. (We will come to this in a moment). For the headline, use a call to action or a promise. Do not use a “Position XYZ at Company ABC” for your headline.

Look at this search I did for “Ipad Development”

Would you connect with someone who says, “I build Apps and I can build them for you“, or a person with a generic sounding “CEO at Acme, INC“?

Optimizing the profile for getting the lead

So you have come in the search results and your potential client/customer has clicked through to your profile page. Now you need to get that person to contact you. (Via emailing you, connecting with you on Linkedin or via a lead-gen page).

  1. Add your email to your profile description. (Linkedin by default shows your email to connections only, but description is visible to everyone.)
  2. Follow through on your promise or call to action. (If your profile says that you build Android apps, describe your expertise in that field)
  3. Invite to connect on Linkedin (or whatever action you want them to take) in the profile description.
  4. Add a profile image. Multiple eye tracking studies have shown that on Linkedin, the profile image is what people notice first on your profile page and hover there the second most.

So don’t wait, optimize your Linkedin profile today and get found in the world’s largest B2B marketplace.

Have you tasted success by optimizing your LinkedIn page too? Share your tips with the WATBlog Community.

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