Microsoft Wants To Incubate Indian Startups Who Want To Use Its Azure Platform

Microsoft will soon open a parallel incubator program in India. The first one was in Israel.

This is how the Israeli Incubator looks, courtesy: TheNextWeb

Why? Microsoft’s cloud computing program Azure, needs startups that are focused on working with cloud computing. Hence Microsoft is willing to offer office space, mentorship, and $60,000 in credits to use Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Attempts to set a firm foot in the cloud computing space were amply evident when Microsoft bagged its biggest Indian project from AICTE. Soon, even schools from Mumbai & Delhi were found to avail the services & that too at no extra cost! This commitment seems to have been extended in order to compete with the growing clout of Google & imminent threat from Amazon too!

While Amazon has started to offer its super-computing for people who are willing to pay, Microsoft seems to have taken the higher ground in offering nurturing environment for fledgling startups. However, it will only extend an helping hand as long as the upcoming firms support Microsoft’s cloud computing endeavors. Microsoft, in its official statement has said that companies selected will have Access to the best workspace, finest infrastructure, top mentors and all the tools needed to create the most successful startups.” Microsoft is also willing to help teams from Europe and ‘from across Southeast Asia.’

Apparently quite a few companies have realized the vast potential that India has to offer. Our readers might recall, offline-online company Walmart & even online e-commerce company eBay had recently chosen Indians to work on their projects.

Microsoft knew when it launched Azure in India that getting newer companies hooked onto the services was vital to ensure its success. Hence it makes perfect sense to open an incubator program here.

If any of our readers have an enterprising idea, one can submit an application here.

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