Google Chrome Rockets Ahead Of Internet Explorer; End Of An Era?

Browser marketshare has always been the bone of contention among analysts, Industry watchers, frantic bloggers and finally the companies that make those browsers. The companies themselves don’t release any results most of the time and everyone has to depend on a third party analytics and statistics firms to figure out who is doing better. Well, now StatCounter, one such firm has announced that Google Chrome has finally outdone Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in a victory of sorts over the web. This had happened before in the space of a weekend but IE retained its top spot very soon after that. Although this report has not been officially confirmed by either one of the companies, it nonetheless points towards some truth.

StatCounter analyses data from over 15 billion page views around the world. Well, that is a good enough sample size to start an analysis. Now let us go through the details:

Source: StatCounter

Here’s a table on the market-share and the temporary blip that happened on March 23rd.

All values are in percentages

So, it seems that Google Chrome is slowly outdoing its competition. It has managed to leapfrog ahead of Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome is fully open source and at the same time has redesigned the way browsers should look and function. Even, Firefox and IE have been forced to ‘copy’ Chrome’s features because of their popularity.

Here’s why IE has held on for so long! There are two kinds of people accessing the Internet: 

1. Those who just login to the first browser they find to check mail and other stuff

 The first category were dominant till some years back and the share of Microsoft’s browser rose because it came bundled with Windows (A huge antitrust issue for them back in the day).

2. The current generation of people who have an understanding of all social media platforms, web-apps and everything else the web can do.

The second category of people have literally grown up with the Internet and adapted to it faster. They have a reckoning knowledge of which browser provides what functionality along with the possibilities that an extension/add-on can bring to the table. We can all agree that these days the number of tech and Internet savvy people is on the rise and will soon overtake everyone else. Actually, ‘overtake’ is the wrong word. There won’t be any camps like those shown above. Almost everyone will know about the Internet, mobile OSs, browsers and everything else the Internet has to offer.

A browser or software will only be able to survive and grow its market-share due to innovations and not technicalities. We are excited at the possibility of new browsing paradigms and functionality that will emerge in the next few years.  Share your opinions about it with us.

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  1. May 22, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    the primary reason behind success of Chrome success is that most of google website works better in chrome

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