Pinterest Is The New Spamming Media: McAfee

The new social networking website Pinterest is being rapidly used by spammers to launch mass-spamming campaigns, reports McAfee Inc. McAfee fears that given the rapid growth of Pinterest among the users have offered people with malicious intents to launch campaigns that are meant to do all sorts of nefarious activities.

What’s the threat? McAfee has uncovered complete toolkits that allow generating & deployment of a new spam campaign in a very simplistic manner. In a matter of minutes, the software has the ability to “mass-like” pins, add an account creator, mass-follow people, automate fake commenting activity, and more.

How does it spread? In the world of social networking, people themselves are unwittingly responsible for spreading spam. In the earlier days, spammers had to send out mass-mailers that contained viruses or malware, but in the new age they just have to bundle such applications in innocent looking & supposedly interesting information. On the site, hackers create ‘Pinterest Specials’ available only for new users. It’s this nature of the spam post that makes people click it & that’s how the spam on Pinterest spreads.

Online Security has always been a major hurdle. No matter what tools one may use, hackers are sitting right around the corner. Lately, user information & online history has become equally valuable besides financial information.

How to deal with this kind of Spamming? If a website (Pinterest) asks you to Re-Pin before delivering the content, it’s most likely a scam warns McAfee. Additionally, ‘You Have Won’ Pins are a strict No-No. Interestingly, scammers can also lure gullible buyers onto their Amazon’s sale-page & if a sale is registered the scammers gets a commission!

Will such activities be the final straw for Pinterest which is already witnessing dwindling users?

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