New Google+ App For iPhone Offers Renewed Hope For Google’s Social Network

Google+, Google’s struggling social project has got a new app for the iPhone ecosystem. The app has been completely designed in-house & contains features that seem conjured up only for the mobile platform.

What’s new? The earlier version was merely an app for the comparatively smaller screen. However, Google’s team has managed to “re-imagine what the service should look like on a mobile device”. In other words, the app is designed with a ‘mobile first’ perspective. With images & multimedia content given precedence, endless scrolling with data optimization to quickly put up whatever is in focus, highlights the efforts to re-design the experience.

Both the companies i.e. Facebook as well as Google have their own versions for the mobile operating systems. However, Facebook’s app is doing better, Google+ app is still struggling to stand on its feet. Sure, Google would have us believe that their network is growing slowly but steadily, but recent statistics just prove the opposite to be true. In fact, even newer services have surpassed it!

The constant endeavor to garner user base from whichever platform possible will surely surprise many users constantly.

 What additional features do you seek in Google+?

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