Zynga Launches Its First Arcade Game: Bubble Safari

Social media game giant Zynga launched its first true Arcade game called Bubble Safari.

The Game’s protagonist Bubbles, is a plucky monkey living the good life in his lush jungle home. That is until his monkey sweetheart and his group of closest friends, are captured by unscrupulous poachers. You control Bubbles as he journeys across the jungle collecting fruit as he rescues his friends, encountering new characters and obstacles along the way.

Zynga as known in its other games has added the feature of Social gaming where in you can invite friends and even exchange balls with them in mid game. Turnbell who is known for architecting “NBA Jam” in 1993 is the lead designer behind this game, talks about the bubble shooting game.

“It sounds simple to say, but this is really the future,” Turmell said. “Arcade games have always been social, and Zynga is supremely positioned. Our focus, our foundation, has been to develop available, approachable games.”

The main aim in the game is to collect enough fruits, juggle with combinations, and achieve enough “big drops” of fruit, and a “Boost Bubble”  unlock themselves, offering additional powerups, including lightning, sticky bombs, double rainbows and coconuts. There are lot of power-ups and there are lot of hazards too including beehives that can cause bubbles to launch random balls when stung, and “spawners” that keep popping out balls. Turnbell responded to point when he was asked if Zynga will make it compulsory for players to buy some items as done in other games, claimed that each level could be beaten just by the existing balls. Once you beat a level, you can play it for free forever.

Along with actual engaging gameplay which will make you go through shrieks of excitement and those deep thinking moments Zynga has also made sure that in places Bubble safari is down right difficult. In the past Zynga has been accused of games which required absolutely no skills. Bubble Safari is a big shift for the social game maker and arcade games do have the potential to adapt smoothly to social platforms.

So next time you log on to Facebook or Zynga.com don’t forget to “pop” into Bubble Safari and pop some bubbles to get to that exciting lightning strike of boost bubble.

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