New Chrome Extension Makes Learning Foreign Languages Easier.

Learning a foreign language can be a task since it requires all the devotion you can muster and these days, what with work and all, concentration is in short stock. LockerGnome has found out a nifty Google Chrome Extension which makes it much easier to learn phrases in a foreign language. The extension is called Language Immersion for Chrome and it damn awesome at what it does. Let us get down to it and see how it works.

Here is the video which explains the extension and how you can use it to master other languages.

This is the perfect productivity app for learning phrases in new languages while you are surfing or working on the web. The app supports around 64 global languages which are Google Supported. The extension is by no means perfect and doesn’t represent a shortcut but it does help you memorize key phrases over a considerable amount of time. The app has been developed by Use All Five, Inc., a digital agency in California.


The extension does its work rather nicely and will have you juggling between languages with no time. All you need is the determination!

The Internet is truly global and barriers people face while communicating with each other should not come in the way of meaningful collaboration. This extension is the just the first step towards goal.

Download it here.

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