India Is Having Its Own SOPA Moment; The Internet Protests Against IT Act Of 2011

The Internet has overtaken the Indian Government and now in a bid to stay relevant, it has increasingly resorted to policies and tactics which prevent the freedom of speech of Indian Citizens on the Internet. We have had quite a lot of drama since last year regarding Censorship and Objectionable Content. This time it is the IT Act of 2011, which has everyone in the Indian Internet Industry unanimously denouncing  it for its negligence of the fundamental rights provided by the Indian Constitution.

The Act  have been questioned by a lone ‘Communist’ Member of Parliament, P.Rajeev. He has suggested that the Government consider the annulment of the ‘offending’ additions. The IT Act is really detrimental as it makes it very easy for any person to initiate the blocking of a website if it seen to be offensive, harmful, defamatory, obscene, hateful and generally objectionable. There is a high possibility that such complaints will not be objective enough and will result in a lot of needless website blocks. The fact that the laws are so vague can only mean two things – Either the Government does not understand the Internet or the Government wants to make things really difficult for everyone and hence impose a censorship framework like China.

Numerous organizations have come out with their support for P.Rajeev and have started a movement of protest against the said rules. The Centre of Internet and Society has a page on their website which asks you to sign a petition against the Act. This will then be sent to the relevant authorities. One of the popular Indian Blogging network has also joined the movement ZDnet points out other resources so that you can be informed of the movement and educate yourself about the Act and why it is detrimental to public interest.

Check out this video for details:

One Response to “India Is Having Its Own SOPA Moment; The Internet Protests Against IT Act Of 2011”

  1. Surabhi
    May 10, 2012 at 12:13 pm #

    These Govt. officials who frame laws on topics about which they have only half-baked information should rethink before coming out with any such legislation….. The Internet community is a free community of sorts where free flow of thoughts, ideas etc. sholud be allowed to blossom. If any restriction / censorship has to be placed then the rules should be very well laid out after consulting experts in the field and also taking into account of any detrimental value that these might have due to the misuse of such rules…..


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