Flipboard For Android Is Out Unofficially; The Mobile Web Is Beautiful Again!

Flipboard made quite a splash when it was released for the iPad. It is one of the most elegant ways to aggregate content from all over the Internet. The app allows you to flip through all the relevant news in the categories that you select. Flipboard was later updated so that it could support iPhone and iPod Touch. The only thing missing was support for Android. Now, the wait is over for all Android fans.

That Flipboard was coming to Android was already known for sometime. The app has been bundled exclusively with Samsung’s Galaxy S3 for some period of time. Flipboard has announced that it will be released for select Android devices soon but they have not announced the date, which has Android users waiting anxiously. In what may seem to be a stroke of luck and an Android devs ingenuity, the app has been isolated to be used on any Android phone provided it is compatible. A user posted the .apk file to XDA developers forum and it has already seen more than 61000 downloads.

We downloaded the .apk file and got right down to it. So, this is how the app looks on an HTC One X.

Flipboard for Android is very smooth and flipping through all of the content is a breeze. Social Networking is built right into the app and we predict that you will never leave Flipboard again for all your social media needs. You can share all the content on Flipboard to your social media accounts and at the same time view what other people are posting in their Twitter and Facebook feeds. It a beautiful looking package.

This is another watershed moment for the Android OS since both Flipboard and Instagram were available initially only for iOS. Their launch on Android says a lot about the emergence and growth of Google’s mobile operating system. Although iOS is still going strong, developers can no longer ignore the growing number of Android users.

You can download the Flipboard .apk file here. Copy it to your SD card and run it from your phone. You will have to check the ‘Install from Unknown Source’ parameter in your Android’s settings.

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