Tabcab Introduces Ads Through 3G Enabled Tablets In Radio Taxis

Moving beyond the stationary desktop advertisement, Tabcab has begun beaming advertisements via 3G enabled Tablets. With its current fleet of 1000 Radio Taxis, Tabcab is posed to delivery interesting multimedia advertisements to passengers.

Does it benefit the passenger? Apparently Yes. The tablets will offer entertainment and live content. As for the advertisers, “Taxi-ads & in-cab engagement and communication platforms will ensure maximum reach, visibility and engagement, resulting in unparalleled impact that no other transit or outdoor media platform can offer,” says Prasenjeet Bagchi, Chief Marketing Officer, Tabcab.

Advertising in Taxis is not new. A while ago, Out of Home (OOH) advertising company En Route had tied-up with to beam advertisement in taxis. We wonder which Telco has Tabcab tied up with, to offer 3G connectivity to its tablets in the cabs? Advertising companies have realized the importance of “Interactive Advertising” as it offers much better feedback than stationary ads.

Radio taxis are gaining popularity. Interactive touch-screen tablets fitted with 3G capability can easily source content from a cloud-based server & put up contextual advertisements. Since many tablets have geo-location GPS built into them, one can even beam local deals, offers, discounts nearby! With interactivity, advertiser can have real-time monitoring & optimization possibility too.

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  1. October 23, 2013 at 6:45 pm #

    Taxi transportation system in India has long been characterized by paucity of well-maintained vehicles, tampered meters and unruly behavior of drivers. The need for a hassle-free and smooth ride has long been on the anvil for the Indian transport authority.
    Taxi advertising in india is a breakthrough in Indian outdoor industry which was needed from a long time giving the outdoor advertising a newer dimension which earlier had a perception of having solutions nothing more than hordings/billboards.

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