InMobi Ad Tracker To Ease Performance Measurement Woes For Advertisers

A new tracking platform to measure conversion of ads on mobile platform is being promoted by  InMobi.

What’s unique? The InMobi AdTracker is separate entity and is not connected to the InMobi ad network. While exact details are sparse, one thing is sure; the ad-tracker does not rely on UDID (Unique Device Identifiers). These are generally the IMEI, IP Address or MAC Address of the device where the ad was flashed / accessed. Being not tethered to any network, the ad-tracker is free to work across all mobile ad networks via a single dashboard.

The real-time monitoring & feedback allows companies to optimize the ad deployment. Mobile advertisements are very tricky. They have to be placed in such a way as to not being intrusive on the actual content. A while ago even bigwigs like ESPN Digital understood this & decided to first offer quality content & then insert ads within the same. If ads clutter the tiny mobile screen, visitors may lose interest in the portal altogether & advertisers will lose potential business.

India is by far the largest & most lucrative ad market in the APAC. This is corroborated by InMobi in its own report from last year.

Hence it is vital for advertisers to measure the “Performance” of the advertisements. According to Chandrashekhar Vattikuti, VP Products, InMobi, the ad tracker works on ‘Cookies’ thereby producing highest rate of reliability. Cookies are small snippets of information stored on the device when the content (advertisement) is accessed. Additionally, the service is entirely ‘Cloud’ based & hence scalability is not an issue. With such tracking capability, hopefully we can see only relevant ads splashed on our mobile screens. What do you think?

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