E-Com Websites To Revamp Their Search Engines; Google Threatened?

E-commerce websites EBay & Walmart are said to be developing their own internal search engines. The e-commerce  companies are set to release major updates to their internal search algorithms in order to facilitate faster search results that are relevant to the potential customer.

Why the concern about internal search? Amazon is winning since their internal search is continually revised & currently sits on version 8. Ebay’s search engine nicknamed Voyager is at version 2 & the company is about to release a major update that will be marked as Cassini. The growing number of shoppers who visit the website, type in their query at the search box usually located at top of the portal. If this internal search is not fast, accurate & relevant, one loses customers to rival websites.

What are the companies doing about it? Ebay’s Voyager simply checked for matching words & that too mostly in titles. The newer Cassini is much more intuitive. It will carry full product descriptions, rather than just the titles of listings, and match search queries to photographs of products, while taking into account information about the seller and the buyer. Meanwhile, Walmart’s search engine focuses on groups of related terms and phrases which people use when describing products, rather than matching queries to exact words in listings.

Is Google being threatened here? Apparently YES. “Google doesn’t want you to go directly to eBay to search for products,” says Oren Etzioni, a search expert, “A lot of what funds these search efforts are e-commerce ads. If eBay and others stop advertising as much on Google, that would be a problem.”

With Amazon already into India & Walmart improving its tech to combat the treat, will we see more Indians developers being hired by the companies to improve their business?

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