ChatTime iPhone App Reduces Calling Costs For India By 70% Compared To Skype

ChatTime is an award winning iPhone app which provides voice calls anywhere in the world at very reasonable rates. They have announced a special reduction in calling rates to Indian landlines and cellphones so that Indian iPhone users can take advantage of the app’s features at a very affordable price.


ChatTime’s new India rates signify a saving of almost 58% over previous ChatTime rates. A call to Indian landlines and cell phones via ChatTime now costs 2.9 cents per minute (1 rupee roughly). These are really cheap calling rates compared to other VOIP call providers and represents a saving of 70% over Skype. To sweeten the deal, ChatTime now also offers calling plans as low as 1/2 cent per minute (25 paise roughly) for their Asia Pacific subscription plan which includes calls to India.

ChatTime differs from other VOIP services in the fact that the app routes its calls through existing cellular networks instead of using Wi-Fi and 3G. This means two main advantages. Firstly, you can make a call anywhere and don’t have to depend on the availability of data networks which is very helpful considering Indian data networks are not very strong in terms of bandwidth. Secondly, the voice quality of the call made via the app is much better than the ones from apps that use data networks. Both these things will be very helpful for Indian iPhone users who can now take advantage of the app to call anyone anywhere in the world for some really decent rates.

Charles Tidswell, V.P. of Marketing at SmartRoam, developers of the ChatTime application said, “We have seen an incredible appetite for calling to India, from customers both on pay-as-you-go and unlimited plans. India now represents about 25% of all traffic, and with the reduction in calling rates we expect this to increase further.”

Besides being a stiff competition to biggies like Skype, apps like these stand to make actual carriers redundant in International calling because of its price. ChatTime’s aggressive pricing rate signifies that India is an important market for them to capture. Why not?! Indian iPhone users are somewhat of a niche compared to other platforms but  number of iOS adopters is growing. Apple has plans to set up shop here too. So, it makes absolute sense for ChatTime to get India covered and reap the benefits.

Are you an iPhone user? Check this app out and let us know what you think.


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