Foursquare Includes Instant Verification For Businesses, Makes It Easier To Claim Business Listings

Foursquare is one the first and most powerful location sharing services having over 20,000,000 users worldwide. Over 750,000 businesses have adopted Foursquare to connect better with their consumers, reward them for their loyalty and attract new customers. These businesses have been using the free tools that Foursquare provides to engage with their customers. Now, Foursquare has made it easy for new and upcoming businesses to verify their businesses instantly.

Earlier, businesses could verify themselves online and through mail. Businesses had to provide Foursquare with their ID, venue URLs and website links. Foursquare would check all of this data and get back to the applicant. Yesterday, they rolled out a new feature for businesses which verifies a business instantly for the one time cost of $10. Now, you can claim your venue, provided that you have a Foursquare account and are the manager. You can however choose to verify using the snail mail option but it takes somewhere around 4-5 working days for your business to get verified. This is simply too long and paying $10 online seems like a very good idea. With the introduction of paid verification, Foursquare hopes that it will deter illegitimate claims that might occur on the service.

This is a good attempt by the company towards eventual monetization although it may not be a huge source of revenue for the company. This feature is a U.S only one for now and will be introduced worldwide shortly, according to the company. The number of active users on the service indicates a strong potential for it to grow into a bigger platform for small and medium businesses to interact with consumers. The service is developing as a competent and reliable search engine for restaurants and retail outlets.

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