Starting At Rs. 30,500 Apple’s New iPad Hits Indian Market

A whole month after the international release Apple has finally allowed Indians to purchase their latest iPad.

Though it’s a third generation iPad, Apple has refrained from calling it iPad 3. However, specifications wise, there has been significant upgradation.

What does the new iPad have? Any tablet’s most important aspect is its screen. Apple simply leaves other tablet makers far behind with 2048×1536 resolution Retina Display. The screen size is same as before i.e. 9.7 inch but it has 44% more color saturation. At 3.1 Million pixels, it’s 4X the amount as compared to older iPad2. Under the hood is Apple’s proprietary A5 Quad-Core chip, which is supposed to have market-leading processing capabilities. Furthermore the older version had just 3G, the newer has the faster 4G module built into it.

However, no Indian mobile telecom operator has so far endorsed the faster standard of internet built into the iPad. Hence it will wise to wait till some Telco confirms that the iPad works on their network.

In the age of affordable tablets, Apple is going the other way with premium features & a price tag to match. The basic edition with 16GB storage & no 4G capability will cost Rs. 30,500 (US$ 575).

The other versions are priced as below:

  • 32GB –  Rs. 36,500
  • 64GB -   Rs. 42,500

iPad Wi-Fi + 4G

  • 16GB –  Rs. 38,900
  • 32GB –  Rs. 44,900
  • 64GB –  Rs. 50,900

Apple has also bumped up the camera resolution. The camera can now shoot HD videos & 5MP stills. It will be truly interesting to see how the Apple’s newest toy fares in the market that is primarily driven by price. However, if cost is not a matter, then the latest iteration from Apple just might be worth indulging in. Would you a buy Apple’s newest iPad or wait for the iPad 3?

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