“Instead Of Android, iPads & iPhones Are Preferred By Many At Their Workplace”, According To A Study By Good Technology

Android may be the world’s biggest mobile operating system in terms of adoption and usage but it has still not caught up to Apple’s lead in the workplace, specifically American workplaces, according to this article in Business Standard. In fact, the article states that Android is very much in decline in the workplace with more and more business users preferring Apple’s products compared to Android and the previous champion of enterprise communication, Blackberry.

According to a study by Good Technology, an information technology firm that provides software to businesses for Android and iOS, Android didn’t look very well in terms of business usage. They noticed that 73.9% of smartphones in use sported iOS and 26.1% were Android devices. The iPhone’s share is up from 62.3% and Android is down from 37.7 % compared to the analysis the company carried out last year. Tablet activations in enterprises are overwhelmingly in favor of Apple with 97% activations compared to 2.7% for Android.

Android is at the heart of an open computing model that Google wants to implement. This openness is brilliant for developers as it gives them all the tools to create apps and services that can easily take full advantage of a tablet or a phone and the source code is out in the open. Although this is a very good framework for computing, it has its problems like OS fragmentation, double efforts for optimizing Android to multiple devices and form factors and the device manufacturer’s UI customization and bloat-ware. iOS on the other hand is standard for every Apple device. Developers prefer to work with iOS because although it is a ‘walled garden’, the need for reiteration is very low.

Using a tablet or a smartphone in the office is rapidly gaining acceptance because it is easier to access mail, communicate rather than sticking to your desktop or moving your laptop around. All these are compelling factors for the rise of tablet computing in the workplace. Thus, we see the tablet and the smartphone gaining even more adoption in enterprises the world over, especially in India where the trend is on the rise. Android is severely lacking because of the all the points mentioned above.

This is the right time for Google to introduce a standardized Tablet like their Flagship Nexus phones and make it enterprise friendly. Rumors are rife about the upcoming Google Tablet and this will be badly needed if Google hopes to make a dent in Apple’s armor with Android.

What platform/device do you use for your professional requirements? Share your reasons.

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