ESPN Digital Caters To Indian Football Fans With A New Online Platform

ESPN Digital has introduced ESPN Football Club (ESPNFC) to Indian Football fans. This football centric application should be available across mobile platforms & is being developed to push targeted advertisement by offering quality content to the masses.

Why the sudden development of interest? ESPN already owns & operates a cricket centric website This website has already witnessed record number of visitors during peak game season. It seems only logical that another game that has captured the hearts of Indians be exploited for commercial gains.

ESPNFC will have geo-location enabled smart engine that will bundle advertisement & serve it by sensing the location of the user. How is a geo-location enabled recommendation engine going to work with a football app is best left to the designers. Garnering quality content is now the simple mantra that companies have adopted in order to make money from advertisement.

The mobile centric application will be vital in accessing fragmented markets especially for games like football in India. ESPN Digital which operates as a separate entity from ESPN Star Sports wants to tap into the user-base of cricinfo. The upcoming UEFA 2012 series will only push user engagement with the application.

ESPN has a dedicated 200 strong team in Bangalore to carve out a separate & special standing in a world full of apps. Let’s see how  ESPN Digital Media impacts the football crazy small but growing population in India.

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