To Have ‘Better’ Regulation Of The Online Content, Social Networking Sites Must Have Servers Here,Says Indian Government

In order to have ‘better’ regulation of the online content, companies like Facebook, Google & Twitter may be soon asked to setup Servers in India. These dedicated servers in India will enable the Indian Government to intercept & remove content almost instantaneously. At least that’s the plan as Home Secretary RK Singh raised his concerns to US Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security Jane Holl Lute.

We have already seen RIM being forced to have servers in India. Though RIM resisted bitterly, it had to eventually give in to the demands. It has however still not allowed ‘Enterprise Level’ data to be intercepted.

How efficient will be the process? On technical terms, having servers in India will not affect the way ‘objectionable content’ is handled by artificial intelligence. But, Indian Government will have better arm twisting capabilities to get the content removed sooner rather than later. This issue of objectionable content has seen many twists & turns. While removal of objectionable content is must proper methods of identifying it are more important.

The tech giants have earlier dragged their feet while complying Government’s requests. Hence it will be interesting to see how they respond to this new threat. Servers and data security are very important  & keeping them offshore may prove detrimental. Additionally, if the firms agree to this, it may set a dangerous precedent of following government requests.

Do you think having a dedicated Indian Server in India, will be actually beneficial in common interest to the nation?

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