Indians Purchase Smartphone For Their Apps, Reveals Report

Ericsson ConsumerLab’s Emerging App Culture report has revealed that Indians consider Apps the primary selection criteria when buying Smartphones.

The App market & its size have been influencing the decision which smart-phone to buy. Additionally, the lure of faster internet was cited as the second reason. The Research was conducted on people living in India, Russia & Brazil.

An overwhelming 69% of smartphone users admitted that they accessed Internet through Apps daily. Additionally 20% shared that they used data-intensive services like video & navigational apps.

The smartphone industry has realized the need for having apps quite early on. Similarly app developers have been busy churning out apps, free & paid. However, in this race for supremacy, the company which will have the stronger team will win. Quite recently RIM revealed an ambitious plan of having 10,000 developers working on the Blackberry OS & app development.

The survey also revealed the top 10 uses for a smart-phone. Apparentlygeo-location based activity topped the list with user logging into locations (Foursquare) & using the maps for navigation & traffic related information. However, the other bunch stated the obvious uses of playing online games, surf websites, social networking, read & write blogs etc.

Even in the app category Indians preferred personalization apps, such as screen savers, live wallpapers/themes and third party browsers apart from social media apps and games. Russians used their phones for productive use like price comparisons, barcode scanners, translators etc. Brazilians on the other hand gave priority to apps that enhanced their social interactions.

Do such reports really help? Such reports reveal useful data for companies who can better steer their products for wider adoption. Judging by the trend, companies can now focus on just what the smartphone user perceives as valuable.

What do you use your smartphone for?

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