Most Youtube Videos Will Remain Free, Says Tom Pickett Of YouTube: Strategy For A longer Shelf Life?

India is the land of unparalleled opportunity when it comes to content and entertainment. Youtube has been picking up on this and has made made sure that they are catering well to the Indian love for entertainment. The service has many Indian movies and soaps, streams IPL and WSH matches in addition to user generated content.

Tom Pickett is Youtube’s Global Director for Content Operations and in his recent interview with Economic Times he spoke about the Video Sharing and viewing service’s India plans. His main focus was on the fact that India is a unique market and many proven content revenue generation models in the west may not necessarily apply here. Youtube has launched pay-per-view content in the USA & UK similar to how Netflix operates.

When asked if they were considering doing the same in India, he said that something like that may not be in the pipeline for this country and most of the content will remain free. Indians in general, don’t really spend much on Internet shows and content as opposed to specific niche of young Internet adopters. So, profitability and success of such a move is debatable. At the moment, it seems that the ad-supported model is working fine for the country and both Content providers and viewers have no qualms with the way the content is distributed.

Youtube is however not averse to trying out new models depending on the fact that Content providers are willing to go for it. Ultimately, all the monetization models are based on how Content Providers want to distribute it in the market. Besides, revenue models, Tom also spoke about how the Internet population has grown by 20 million more users in the last six months. This now makes the total of Internet ready Indians to 120 million users and this happened over a short period of time.

There is still a lot of growth that will happen over the next few years. This will automatically drive up Youtube and Google products usage in addition to other services. Once a significant numbers of people arrive on the Internet, various monetization models can be experimented with.

Indians are supposedly highest uploaders and viewers of User Generated Content in Asia. India is second largest when it comes to amount of content uploaded by partners. This piece of news is very important for a country like India where bandwidth and connectivity are still issues.

Youtube is figuring out how to stream videos on low bandwidth zones. Mobile Internet usage has slowly picked up amongst the small town populations and it will only grow. These are new sets of challenges that the company faces. Let us see what innovations they can come up with to make the best of the conditions and at the same time improve the Indian Internet experience.

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