Indian Companies To Shine At Asia’s Premier Global Networking Events

The upcoming Information & Media Communication Tools (ICT) events CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia will be held from 19th to 22nd June 2012 at Singapore. Indian Companies like Tata Communication & TPEC will be part of these prestigious events.

The event helps launch newest technologies, products and solutions from over 2,000 multinational and small and medium companies. It also helps forging strategic business partnerships even with Governments.

India’s ICT sector is witnessing phenomenal growth. While mobile subscriber base is exploding, companies are also considering global environment.

With Kapil Sibal’s ultra-affordable Aakash’s second-rising coming soon, we can expect a new wave of education driven through these innovative tools. Analysts are estimating revenues to cross US$ 100 Billion, with exports having a majority share of US$ 69 Billion.

With cloud computing gathering momentum, companies like GoogleAmazon & Walmart have trained their scopes towards India. With such a huge population, India offers a unique & vast playground which is second largest in the world and definitely on a growth track. While presently about half of India’s population is said to own a mobile phone, the number is said to rise to about 80% within next few months!

Last year’s event saw as many as 59 Indian companies showcasing their products which brought in Foreign Investments from over 1300 companies. Some of the noteworthy companies that will be exhibiting are Tata Communications. Companies here will not just be discussing business, but will also attempt to identify & solve the perplexing problems faced by the Telcos.

With multiple innovative technologies like m-CommerceMobile VASSmart TVsCloud Broadcasting, Multi-platform and OTT delivery, rearing their heads, such conferences are truly vital to discuss penetration techniques that bolster the growth of nations.

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