Social Voice Blogging App Bubbly Comes To Android Users In India: Will It Be Welcomed The Right Way?

Bubby operates on an innovative and interesting new concept. It can only be described as social voice blogging. Users can record messages by speaking into the app and broadcast it to the many ‘Bubbler’s’ worldwide. Think of it like Twitter but having voice broadcasts rather than tweets.

Bubby had launched for the iPhone in March this year and has generated 16 million users worldwide since their launch in 2010. They have now announced their launch on the popular Android mobile platform and the availability of the app in India.

“Bubbly has seen incredible growth since launching in 2010 and has registered a million new users across Asia in the last month alone,” says Bubble Motion CEO, Thomas Clayton, adding, “We hope the new Bubbly app for Android brings the experience of voice blogging to millions more, allowing for Indian Android users to join in, connect, and follow our vibrant community of Bubblers.”

Source: Bubbly's Website

We think this app has tremendous potential. There has been concern from users worldwide about how ‘text and photo updates’ are making human connections very impersonal. On Twitter, people only connect to each other via 140 characters per tweet and a similar mechanism is true for IM, SMS etc. The creation of a social network around voice updates’ is fascinating because it makes the conversation personal. People can subscribe to their friends and even celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Yuvraj Singh, Lara Dutta etc. and get a very real perspective into a person’s life.

We are not saying that Social Media is dangerous to social behavior. We are just saying that there a lot of different people in the world. Some among them long for a very personal kind of connection with each other even if they are separated by geographical circumstances. Even Skype thinks so in their new campaign.

Will Voice Blogging bring about a new wave of revolution in the Social Media World? Share your thoughts with us.



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