Google India’s Name Cleared; Facebook Still Under The Spotlight

The Delhi High Court has let off Google India from the suit for trial of various social networking websites. The law suit was for allegedly hosting offending contents.

Google’s lawyer successfully argued that since Google India is only a subsidiary of Internet giant Google Inc. and does not operate the website; it should be removed from the array of parties. They further stated that Google India is merely a Software development firm & has no direct intention in posting the content. As the opposing counsel did not oppose the removal of the name, the Judge allowed the same.

Along with Google India, the court also dropped cases against seven other entities, Exbii, IMC India, My Lot, Shyni Blog,Topix, Zombie Time and Boradreader as they were not found to be proper parties to the suit. Sometimes back Yahoo had appealed to the court, but was sent-back. However, subsequently the court dropped Microsoft & Yahoo’s name from the law-suite.

Google’s Indian arm may be off the hook, however, the case is still up against Google Inc., Facebook, Orkut Youtube & Blogspot. All of these companies are apparently responsible for the offensive content found on their portals.

It has been a long-drawn battle. While we agree there has to be stronger measures in place to check for offensive content, but so far the suggestions have not been practical. While Kapil Sibal has relented that Social media will never be censored, why are the companies still being penalized?

The companies too, have not offered a carrot to the Govt. that they will setup necessary protocols to curtail such content. But it will be a long & tedious process one in which artificial intelligence will have to step up & actually analyze if a content is perceivably offensive or not.

Let’s see how the remaining defendants manage to sort their reputation. 


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