Indian Art And Culture Will Go Online: Google Partners With National Museum And National Gallery Of Modern Art

Google has agreed in a partnership with the National Museum and National Gallery of Modern Art under the Ministry of Culture to shape and extend its new Art Project in India.

Google wants to design an online podium for museums across the world to exhibit their art works and allow art lovers to explore more from the art archives of India as well as other international artists. Just imagine how lovely it would be to visually see a gigapixel image of the Radha and Krishna in the “boat of love” from the National Museum and “Santiniketan Triptych”. The intriguing part is the super high resolutions revealed in these art works which is otherwise not conjectured by the naked eye. Art loving users can also use the Google Street View technology to surf through the galleries and add them to their very own online collection.

This idea was sown in the presence of Smt. Kumari Selja, Hon’ble Minister of Culture and Minister for Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation and Dr. Vijay Madan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture. Hon’ble Minster Kumari Selja said, “Fortunately, technology has come to our aid and it has now become possible to access art, and information related to it, with relative ease and little expenditure   And I am happy that Google Art Project has created this extensive platform that allows web-surfers to not only see high quality digitized images of art on their computer screens but also to access enormous amount of information about the art works.  I am happy that my ministry is partnering with Google to get Indian art and culture online.”

The key features from Google Art Project ranges from moving around the virtual galleries with Street View, creating own gallery, discovering more artworks and above all the high resolution better known as ‘gigapixel’ photo capturing technology. rof. Rajeev Lochan, Director, National Gallery of Modern Art said, “The Google Art Project uses sophisticated technology to help us take this endeavor online and available to users globally. Even Shri Pravin Srivastava, Director General, National Museum added by saying, “The National Museum’s association with the Google Art Project allows us to give worldwide virtual access to moments in India’s history.  The Art Project is an important initiative to make available and promote the heritage of our museums using state of art technology.”

Google Art Project is probably the next big leap in preserving art and culture and making it worthwhile for users and artists. The platform is like a common ground for the peaceful co-existence of art and its audience. As the web continues to enthrall us, Google makes sure that we have everything just a click away.

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