Pinterest Knocks Down Google +, Tumblr & Bags 3rd Place In The Social Web Horizon

With 104 million unique visitors every month, Pinterest stands out third in the social media landscape. This new kid on the block is a winner right after Facebook and Twitter as the most popular networking platform.

Experian- a digital marketing firm surveyed and reported the statistics on Pinterest’s win-win situation. Pinterest has punched out Google+ and Tumblr. Experian reports in ‘ The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report‘, “the landscape of social media has changed greatly in the past year. Pinterest, for example, is virtually coming out of nowhere to now having President Obama “pinning” on the network.”

Pinterest has emerged as the most sought after social network in U.S and it was only last December, 2011 when it was listed amongst the top 10 social networks. The hike happened in the months of January and February in 2012 and the surge has outshined other players in the arena. To add some more magic, comScore also reported “Pinterest is winning as well, with users spending an average of 89 minutes per month on site. However, the social network still lags behind Facebook, which has users spending an average of 405 minutes per month on its site.”

Apart from users, Pinterest also has become a great tool for marketing gurus. It is helping brands creating immense and intense brands through Pinterest pinboards. Pinterest has also seen a lot of craze among Indian brand marketers and community. The best example would be to refer the Pinterest board of BlogAdda with 9 boards and 205 pins sharing and promoting social media stuff. The momentum has started in India as well and very soon other brands will follow.

Pinterest is evolving not only as a network but also a new approach to marketing and user engagement and ripping off the traditional online marketing models. Happy  pinning!

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