The Stage Of IPL 5: A Playground For Telcos Like Vodafone & Idea?

While Cricket teams sweat it out on field, Telecom Companies are fighting a different battle on-screen.

While the fifth edition of IPL is being played, Mobile Service companies are busy spending on advertising.

Vodafone certainly tops the list with innovative advertisement. Last season saw the ZooZoo characters highlighting the various features while this year’s campaign is focused on the Internet capability.

Though Idea has still not let go of its tag-line “An Idea Can Change Your Life”, it has come up with new ads. Interestingly, Airtel has confirmed that it won’t be doing anything special. Being India’s largest telecom company, we assume it can take such risks.

Advertising surrounding IPL can be quite profitable. For Vodafone the Zoozoos proved so popular that it offloaded some branded merchandise too! Talk about opening up of another avenue!

While IPL Teams are already engaged in promoting the game & their teams online, companies like these spend almost quarter of their annual advertising budget within this 2 months. All this combined with growing advent of Mobile TV makes an interesting proposition for companies looking to engage audiences.

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