Google Will Make Bengaluru Its Product Hub For Emerging Markets

Google has big plans for emerging markets in the months to come. They have recently announced that they will be setting up two product hubs in Bengaluru and Paris so that they can reach out to emerging markets in a better way. The Bengaluru centre will deal exclusively with developing the  online market for India and other neighboring countries where the Internet population is still low.

 They have not implemented this change yet but this will happen soon enough according to Senior Executives at Google. According to Google, South and South-east Asia, parts of Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America have 50% or less Internet penetration. This would be a good move for the Internet giant to consolidate its position across continents in a big way. The company’s focus is on the usage of advances in technology to improve communication and make life easier case-in-point being ‘Project Glass’.

 The person in charge of expanding Google’s reach in these emerging markets is Lalitesh Katragadda, who is the Country Head for Google’s India products. Katragadda has been instrumental in the development of Google Mapmaker and Google’s transliteration effort. He said, “ We are making Bangalore one of the two major centers for emerging markets. Think of us as a start-up within Google, which has a mission of getting the next five billion people online. Many of the products we are building right now are still under the wraps. It’s not something Bangalore has been known for in the last few years.”

 The job entails creation is not just India-specific products but products which would be beneficial for the company and the users in Emerging market scenarios. Of course a major part of these products are based on mobile. Emerging markets have the biggest growth scenarios for the mobile sector in terms of sofware and web services in addition to being a communication platform.

 “If you launch a product in emerging markets that is not on mobile, that’s not going to work right,” says Katragadda.

Google has big plans in the pipeline with Chrome OS, Android, the Cloud and intersection of the Internet with key physical experiences, an example of this being driver-less cars. This makes sense as Cloud Computing is predicted to add 2 million jobs in the country by 2015. Similar moves by other Tech companies in the near future might add credence to the prediction.

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