TimesofMoney’s DirecPay To Act As Payment Gateway To Power Stores.

TimesofMoney’s DirecPay will offer single stage payment services for cloud e-commerce company Power Stores.

Power Stores is a ‘Made In India’ endeavor that is built to help Indian retailers overcome their online inhibitions. The company claims to understand the needs, requirements, challenges and obstacles faced by Indian companies who want to explore the online retailing world, but are intimidated by the technological hurdles.

Source: Power Stores Website

What is Power Stores offering? Power Stores offers marketing tools for selling merchandise online without worrying about the nitty-gritties. Beginning with a simple website with a pre-designed template. They even offer customized designs. The company takes over the online promotional activities too. We assume it might have a specialty of creating buzz about retailers who approach them.

A while ago Infibeam.com had come up with a very similar offering. Even Google had offered to host sites for Indian SMEs through Hostgator. Such services meant exclusively for Indians truly reflects the potential India holds but is yet to uncover.

So what’s the edge here? Power Stores aims to offer complete & end-to-end solutions so that the retailer will be free to focus solely on running his business & not worry about the web-site & its upkeep. Additionally, with this tie-up with TimesofMoney, the DirecPay gateway will prove to be a single-stage payment gateway, enabling the retailer to simply pay & then leave the working of the website to the Power Stores team.

Source: DirecPay Website

DirecPay is a bank-neutral payments aggregator which acts as the virtual middle-man between service merchants & buyers. TimesofMoney has recently offered tools to even track failed transactions. Thus, the association appears to help both the company & the small time merchants.

Let’s see how many companies prefer to let Power Stores manage their business online. Will you?

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