Skype’s New Campaign Says Facebook And Twitter Are Degrading Humanity.

Facebook and Twitter have been hailed as the biggest change to social interactions as we know it. We all have a Facebook account where keep in touch with all our friends. We use Twitter to broadcast our thoughts and to monitor breaking news. But have these tools resulted in the degradation of human communication?

This is what Skype’s new $12 million seems to be saying. Their campaign has one call-to-action: ‘It’s time for Skype’. The campaign premiered in UK on April 2 and it looks at how our increasing presence on the Internet is changing how communication happens and calls out one important aspect, ‘Are we losing our humanity?’

Source: Skype

Here are some of the ad copies that Skype has made:

“When did LOL replace the sound of laughter?”

“When did it become okay to text mum happy birthday?”

“Humans were made to look, listen and feel.”

“140 characters doesn’t equal staying in touch.”

“Your one-way ticket back to humanity.”

“Upgrade from a wall post to a first class conversation.”

“No delays on human conversation.”

(Source: Mashable)

Source: Adweek


When you analyze the ad campaign, it is brilliant! It has a solid connect with many audiences and actually guilt-trips them into re-evaluating their interactions with close friends and family. Besides that, when you think of it, even Skype is a virtual platform just like Facebook and Twitter. One could argue that Skype is almost the same as Facebook and Twitter with their instant chat, video chat and mobile call services.

While it may be true that Social Media may be changing the way we communicate but these are just tools and tools can never change the way we think. It is too early to call this a ‘degradation of humanity’.

What are your thoughts about Skype’s new campaign? Do you think that social media is harmful to humanity?

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