Opera’s Privacy-Respecting Data Analysis Tool Launched

Opera Software has come up with a Application Install & Validation Tool that respects end-users’ privacy.

Titled ‘App-tribute’, the platform will offer user statistics without compromising on privacy. Sensitive data will not be shared with mobile content publishers and advertisers.

Security is a major concern when users’ data is being sent to advertiser. Once a user opts out of sending his or her data, the company is left with nothing. However, there is always a middle ground wherein the private data of the user is protected & only the data relevant to the advertising company is sent.

The application doesn’t allow transmission of sensitive data elements such as Unique Device Identifiers (also known as IMEI), Media Access Control (MAC) addresses etc. These identifiers reveal the make & brand of phone & may compromise much more. But such information is not top priority to an honest marketer. They are concerend with statistics. Like ‘how many times the app was used’, ‘what did the user do on it’ & such. App tribute will only transmit such user statistics.

Besides protecting privacy where’s the niche? For starters the platform can be applied to all app-based advertising campaigns & works across all ad formats, including banners, interstitials and within rich-media creatives. In simpler words, the platform is scalable & the publishers in-turn, can proclaim that only statistical data is being collected. Developers will include App-Tribute Advertiser Software Development Kit (SDK) in their applications to track successful downloads and subsequent installs of an application. Currently, the SDK supports apps on iOS & Android.

In today’s ad-cluttered world, interactivity is the demarcating criteria. Advertisers have to know who & how many were exposed to the advertisements. Only then will they be able to create compelling advertisements that will lead to purchases. Any development that promotes security is a welcome sign. Hope it is widely implemented. What do you think?

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