New E-commerce Portal SKB Mart Launched: E-commerce Getting Too Crowded?

Say hello to the newest Online shopping kid on the block. This one is called SKB Mart and has just launched.

Let take a closer look at this new service.

It looks very similar to all the other e-commerce sites out there. The site stocks Apparels, Bags, Fashion Jewelry, Mobiles, Cameras, Sunglasses, Watches, Electronic Appliances, Electronic Accessories, Home Appliances, Home Décor Accessories, Kitchen Appliances and Furniture. We have to agree that they have a lot of variety and the discount rates seem to be good too.

Ankita Agrawal CEO and Co-founder SKB had this to say about the service, “ We are able to compete with better prices, or able to compete with the best quality. We can market our products better and we can have a better technical solution to satisfy our customers.”

Recently we reported that online retail in India has been predicted to be an $84 billion business by 2016 by some of the analyst.

So many new players have entered the Indian E-commerce market now and if there is no clear differentiating points in the service, then that venture will not survive. SKB Mart seems to have all the features that e-commerce sites in India are known for but it does not differentiate itself properly. They need to do something about this.

Have you shopped at SKB Mart? How was your experience?


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