Indian Games Carnival From 6th April 2012 , Are You Participating?

The global event centered on Gaming will commence on April 6th in the capital.

Professional gaming in India is still at a nascent stage, but such events are vital to help it grow. The three-day event will get players across Malaysia, Russia, China and UAE competing against each other in 17 tournaments. The genre of the games is myriad. Interestingly, Angry-Birds has also made its debut in the tournament. Where in country like ours where gaming is more like a hobby & not a sport this step is very interesting.

Does India gain from such gaming-centered events? India may not play games professionally, but many Indians are heavily into game-development. Quite recently, many companies have begun hosting games on their sites. Such events definitely bring the much-desired focus on this upcoming industry. Additionally, such international events increase exposure to Indian developers to the newer developments world-wide. Companies are known to use such platforms to showcase new products too.

According to Ben Varghese, captain of ATE, the current No 1 Indian team according to WCG (World Cyber Gaming) shares that gamers in India, “Put a lot of efforts & sacrifice a lot to excel”. The prize money & recognition should be enough compensation & encouragement that these ‘hard-working’ gamers require.

Have you participated in such events? What was your experience?

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