Facebook Mobile Goes Local With 8 Regional Languages

 Facebook has announced availability of its Mobile site in 8 Indian languages.

The transition & availability in regional languages will take place over the coming few weeks. Over 50 Million Indian users are provided with the freedom to access the mobile-centric site in any language they want.

The original application was made available July last year & till date supports over 3600 different types of phones. The app being JAVA based, it is easily scale-able & works even on multitude of low end phones.

With recent filing for the IPO Facebook had accepted that not all of the 850 Million users are active the same is true in Indians well. Of the 50 Million, Facebook acknowledged that about 46 Million only are Monthly Active Users (MAU). But the growth is phenomenal at 132% Year-On-Year (YoY).  Additionally, Facebook has about 350 Million worldwide users that access the site primarily from the mobile phones.

As Facebook prepares for one of the largest Initial Public Offerings (IPO) in the tech world, it has to cater to its users first. As India has one of the largest collection of regional languages it is imperative that such population regularly interacts which helps Facebook grow. To ensure its IPO reaches the masses, Facebook even allowed small financial institutions to be part of the filing. Recently, many sites have been made to realize this. Even IPL teams made sure non-English speaking people visit their site.

Coincidentally, Yahoo too went local with the same number of regional languages.

Facebook is experiencing rapid growth in the non-English regions like Brazil & India & hence doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned.

With all this rigorous activity just to ensure maximum Indians spend some time on the internet; it will be interesting to see how the infrastructure will be bolstered.

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