Cloud Computing May Bring 2 Million New Jobs To India

Cloud Computing is all set to bring about a huge change in how the IT industry works in India. According to estimates, the cloud is supposed to bring 2 million new job opportunities to the IT sector. But are we prepared for the change that is coming?

If an increasing amount of enterprises are going to take up cloud computing, the Indian IT industry as we know it is going to change. Adopting cloud computing will bring down costs and at the same time will put the process of installing and maintaining servers and infrastructure redundant. That will mean engineers who specialize in installation and maintenance will probably face difficulties because the demand for them will go down. Many companies who invest quite a sum of money in IT infrastructure for their offices will now just put everything on to the cloud. This is definitely a stress-free prospect for many companies.

At the same time it will cost the IT industry a lot of traditional jobs. Engineers specializing in cloud applications, back-end coding and new programming frameworks like Ruby on Rails will definitely have an edge over the others.

However, it is no cause for immediate alarm according to T. Srinivasan, MD of VMware India.

The cloud computing market in India is still in its infancy and there is very little we can say about it right now but EMC and Zinnov Management Consulting have carried out a study which estimates the size of the cloud market in India to be at $400 million and this figure is supposed to rocket to $4.5 billion by 2015. The private cloud market will be adding roughly 1 lakh IT jobs by then as compared to the 10,000 jobs at the moment. Instead of the traditional model where Indian IT companies relied on the outsourcing of projects from abroad, cloud computing will help start up Tech product companies in the country.

Ramkumar Pichai, General Manager, Customer and Partner Experience, Microsoft India thinks this will happen soon. He says, “Previously, software product firms in India needed enormous amounts of money to sell abroad. They would need to send people abroad and set up offices. With cloud, you will see many more product companies coming up in India.”

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    I think cloud computing is the next big thing in the technology. Concept is good but for India is to early to say anything. we need to fill those 2 million places but in India knowledge of cloud computing is still very low.

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