Now an APP For Army Personnel Families, Veterans & Retired Servicemen: Time For Niche Innovations?

The Indian Army has now made their entry into the mobile app space with the launch of their new app called Eyewatch. This mobile application designed especially for army personnel and their families. The app has been developed by Indianeye Security which is Delhi-based Company.

Image Source: Eyewatch website

The app is basically an emergency alert system which can transmit videos, images, location and any other information to the users. This is a brilliant way for families of the personal to get a firsthand report on any happening in the country and check upon their family members in the service. The app will be used for coordination between employers, commanding officers, physicians, police forces and security during a crisis. In most cases, getting firsthand information during an insurgency or a crisis is very difficult given that the news cannot always be verified and family members have to resort to checking all the news on the television. The app will help reduce the anxiety and the helplessness a personnel’s family feel when something untoward happens.

Chief of army staff General VK Singh spoke about the app saying, “This is the first step to reach out to the army veterans and families. 2012-13 is declared as the Year of Veterans, and this free service is an effort to reach out to them.”

The ‘Appification of the web’ is going strong in India and when the Army releases such an app you can be rest assured that mobile apps are here to stay. With more and more information being available on mobile platforms, we are pretty sure that mobile technology and services will be at the forefront of the Digital revolution in India.

The app can be downloaded from the website or by sending an SMS: ‘Eyewatch IA’ to 53030 after which you will receive a link on your mobile device. This link will lead you to the download page of the app. The app is free to download and is available for Blackberry, Android and the Symbian platforms.

What do you think of this new app? Do share your thoughts with us. 

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