Nokia Smartphones Will Have Mumbai & Delhi Traffic Updates By Default

Nokia has quite a few smartphones out in the Indian market right now. This includes their flagship Lumia series of Windows phones along with others like  Nokia N8, Nokia 700, Nokia 701, and Nokia E6. Last Friday, they announced that they will be bringing real time traffic data to these Nokia smartphones. This is one new feature which they will be adding to their location-based services.

This traffic update is feature is powered by NAVTEQ Traffic Pro and will provide live and relevant traffic information to users at the press of a button. This option can be accessed from ‘Nokia Drive’ on a Symbian device and ‘Nokia Maps’ on a Windows Phone. The service has been provided by Nokia free of cost to its users. The user will only incur data charges as per their data package.

The country has faced lack of value added services like these and this feature will help commuters to plan their commute better and at the same time save fuel and help users avoid frustration. Rajat Tandon, Director of Sales, Commerce and Location for Nokia said, “Location is at the core of our vision for the future. The aim is to empower people via location-aware technology, he added. Going forward, we will continue to introduce more location-aware services that represent the future of mobility for consumer in India.”

We blogged earlier about how Google Maps has also introduced an update which provides an estimate of the time you would take to travel from one location to another although the service doesn’t seem to be active in India yet. This Nokia Maps feature makes use of data provided by a leading GPS provider and it may end up tipping the balance of power in Nokia’s side.

No one else has anything like this right now and Nokia has made a splendid move by introducing this. Rajat Tandon is right about the importance that the company is putting on location services. The future of mobile computing and the Internet lie in the automation and accurate delivery of real-time data to users.

Have you used Nokia’s feature yet? Do let us know of your experiences.

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