Nimbus Teams Up With Youtube To Broadcast WSH Matches Online

Nimbus Sport has signed a deal with Google India in order to live-stream the remaining matches in the undergoing World Series of Hockey tournament.

The World Series Hockey Tournament is the first of its kind in India and is based on the popular IPL format of teams hailing from different Indian cities.

Yannick Colaco, Chief Operating Officer, Nimbus Sport spoke about the firm’s partnership with Google saying, “The response on the online space is extremely overwhelming and Nimbus is excited to take the tournament to hockey fans across the globe.” Gautam Anand, Head of Content Partnerships for Google Asia Pacific, said, “WSH has an exciting format coupled with high scoring non-stop game play, and the company is working closely with the team to generate awareness around the world for the sport.”

Google has been keenly trying to build a content base in India around Youtube. They recently launched a whole lot of Indian shows on Youtube. You can watch all of these for free here. Google India has identified that Internet is the driving medium for business and entertainment in the country are they are working on helping Youtube gain wide-scale adoption especially more than it is getting now. This has resulted in a lot of tie-ups between Youtube and film and media production companies. The consumer seems to be the winner as the every bit of legal content is free on the platform.

The World Series of Hockey serves an excellent initiative to increase enthusiasm for the country’s national game even though it has not received much recognition from Indians since a while. Broadcasting the game live on Youtube will help it reach a much wider base.

You can watch the hockey matches live here:

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